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Prendre une décision

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Expression: Prendre une décision

Pronunciation: [pra(n) dr(eu) oon day see zyo(n)]

Meaning: to make a decision

Literal translation: to take a decision

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression prendre une décision can be just a little tricky, since the verb prendre means "take," but most English speakers say "to make a decision." In the French mind, you are picking between multiple possible decisions, so you "take" one of them, rather than "making" it. Note that the word before décision may vary.

   Il faut prendre une décision avant demain.
   You need to make a decision by tomorrow.

   J'ai pris une décision : je vais quitter mon emploi et déménager en France.
   I've made a decision: I'm going to quit my job and move to France.

   Qui va prendre la décision ?
   Who's going to make the decision?

   La personne qui a pris cette décision est un génie.
   The person who made this decision is a genius.

   Nous avons plusieurs décisions à prendre.
   We have several decisions to make.

Synonym: décider - to decide
   (décider de faire - to decide to do, décider que - to decide that, décider si - to decide whether)

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