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When traveling in France, being polite is absolutely essential - be sure you know how to say "please" and "thank you" at the very least. Click any link to hear that word pronounced.

   s'il vous plaît, SVP (plural or formal)
   s'il te plaît (singular and familiar)*

please + verb (for example, "please excuse me")
   veuillez + infinitive (veuillez m'excuser)

thank you

thank you very much
   merci beaucoup
   merci bien

bless you! (thank you so much, thanks a million)
   mille fois merci
      (literally, "a thousand times thanks")

More ways to express gratitude

you're welcome
   de rien

it was my pleasure
   je vous en prie (plural or formal)
   je t'en prie (singular and familiar)*

don't mention it
   pas de quoi

More about saying "you're welcome"

pardon me, I beg your pardon

excuse me

I'm sorry to disturb/bother you
   Excusez-moi de vous déranger

I'm sorry
   je suis désolé(e)

   à votre santé (plural or formal)
   à ta santé (singular and familiar)*

enjoy your meal
   bon appétit !

bless you (after a sneeze - learn more)
   à vos souhaits (plural or formal)
   à tes souhaits (singular and familiar)*

Sir, Mr.

Ma'am, Mrs.

   Mademoiselle   (learn more)

*Not sure which one to use? See my lesson on tu vs vous

French politeness quiz

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