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Il pleut des cordes

French expressions analyzed and explained


Pleuvoir des cordes

Pleuvoir des cordes

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Expression: Il pleut des cordes

Pronunciation: [eel pleu day kuhrd]

Meaning: It's raining cats and dogs, It's pouring rain

Literal translation: It's raining ropes

Register: informal

Notes: I love the French expression il pleut des cordes because it's so vivid. When it is really pouring, it does almost seem like the raindrops are joined together into long, twisty ropes stretching from sky to ground. The English equivalent is bizarre - why cats and dogs? Why not fish and frogs? At least they like the water.


   C'est la saison des pluies au Costa Rica, et il pleut des cordes presque tous les jours !
   It's the rainy season in Costa Rica, and it rains cats and dogs nearly every day!

Variation: Il tombe des cordes

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