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On y va

French expressions analyzed and explained


Expression: On y va

Pronunciation: [o(n) nee va]

Meaning: wanna go?, let's go

Literal translation: we're going (there)

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression on y va is a quick and easy way to
  1. suggest an outing
  2. ask if others are ready to go
  3. announce that it's time to leave
  4. indicate the beginning of some activity

   Son nouveau film va ouvrir demain. On y va ?
   His new movie opens tomorrow. Wanna go? / Are we going?

   Le taxi est arrivé, on y va ?
   The taxi is here, (is everyone) ready to go?

   Voilà, j'ai fait la vaisselle. On y va !
   There, I did the dishes. Let's go!

   Il faut choisir une chanson pour notre sketch. On y va.
   We need to choose a song for our sketch. Let's do it, Let's get started, Here goes.


The first meaning can be expressed in various other ways, such as
   Est-ce que tu veux y aller ? (Do you want to go?)
   Ça te dit ? (Interested?)
   On peut y aller si tu veux. (We can go if you like.)

You can ask if others are ready with Est-ce que tu es prêt / vous êtes prêt(s) ?

For both the third and fourth meanings, on y va can be replaced with allons-y.

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