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French Terms Related to Kwanzaa

Celebrate Kwanzaa in French


Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration of African identity and culture throughout the world, particularly in the United States. It takes place annually from 26 December to 1 January (du 26 décembre au 1e janvier)

Les sept principes de Kwanzaa ~ The seven principles of Kwanzaa
The celebration of Kwanzaa is centered around seven principles, or values:
  1. Unity   l'unité   (Umoja)
  2. Self-determination   l'autodétermination   (Kujichagulia)
  3. Collective work and responsibility   le travail et la responsabilité coopératifs   (Ujima)
  4. Cooperative economics   la coopération économique   (Ujamaa)
  5. Purpose   l'objectif   (Nia)
  6. Creativity   la créativité   (Kuumba)
  7. Faith   la foi   (Imani)
Note: because the Swahili language is such an integral part of Kwanzaa, I included the Swahili terms in (parentheses)

Les couleurs de Kwanzaa ~ Kwanzaa colors
Kwanzaa has three symbolic colors:

le noir   black (the people)
le rouge   red (their struggle)
le vert   green (hope for the future)

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Le vocabulaire de Kwanzaa ~ Kwanzaa vocabulary
Some French terms and ideas related to the celebration of Kwanzaa:

Africa   l'Afrique

African   africain

African-American   Afro-Américain, Noir américain

art   l'art

book   un livre

candle   une bougie

community   la communauté

corn   le maïs

culture   la culture

family   la famille

fruit   les fruits

harvest   la récolte

heritage   le patrimoine

hope   l'espoir

humanity   l'humanité

mat   la natte

meditation   la méditation

rebirth   la renaissance

respect   le respect

struggle   la lutte

values   les valeurs

La négritude - Negritude

Negritude was a literary and ideological movement led by francophone black intellectuals, writers, and politicians. Though Negritude and Kwanzaa are not directly related, their shared celebration of black African culture makes Kwanzaa a fitting time to learn about Negritude.

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