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French Introductions - Les Présentations

Learn how to introduce yourself and others in French


When you meet French speakers, you need to know how to introduce yourself and what to say when you are introduced. Here are some useful expressions related to French introductions - click the links to listen to each expression in French.

Introducing yourself

   Je me présente.
   Let me introduce myself.

   Je m'appelle...
   My name is...

   Je suis...
   I am...

   Mon prénom est...
   My (first) name is...

Introducing others

   Je vous présente... (formal and/or plural)
   Je te présente... (informal)
   I'd like to introduce...

   This is...

   Il s'appelle...
   His name is...

   Elle s'appelle...
   Her name is...

Meeting people

   Comment vous appelez-vous ? (formal and/or plural)
   Comment t'appelles-tu ? (informal)
   What is your name?

   Enchanté / Enchantée.
   It's nice to meet you.


   Quiz on introductions

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French words to watch out for

   prénom - first name, given name

   nom - last name, family name, surname

   surnom - nickname

   introduire - to insert. Don't use this French verb when talking about introducing one person to another - it's a false cognate. The correct verb when making introductions in French is présenter.

Helpful Lessons

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