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Synonyms used when discussing France à la française


When describing France, particularly in writing, the French like to use a variety of terms rather than constantly repeating français and la France. Here are the most common synonyms for French and France as well as some related vocabulary that will come in handy when discussing France à la française. Vive la France !

la France   France

la République   France (said with pride)

l'Hexagone   France, not including DOM-TOM

la Métropole   France, not including DOM-TOM

la France métropolitaine   France, not including DOM-TOM

la France continentale   Metropolitan France minus Corsica

la France profonde   rural France

les DOM-TOM,la France d'outre-mer, la France ultramarine
   French overseas departments and territories

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French as an adjective






tricolore   (because of the three-color flag)

un Français, une Française   French (person)

le français   French (the language is never capitalized)

le franglais   informal mix of French and English

un/e Francophone   French speaker

francophone   French-speaking (adj)

la Francophonie   the phenomenon of speaking French, the French-speaking community

francophile   Francophile, fond of France and the French (adj)

(un) francophile   Francophile, person who loves/admires France and the French

francophobe   Francophobic, hostile toward France and the French (adj)

(un) francophobe   Francophobe, person who hates France and the French

la francomanie   French mania, excessively Francophile

franciser   to Frenchify, to make look/sound French

la francisation   Frenchifying

la francité   Frenchness

(un) franchouillard   typically French, a typically narrow-minded French person (derogatory)

franco-   French- (prefix)

franco-canadien   French-Canadian

francocentrique   Franco-centric

franco-français   French-French, concerning two French groups

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