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French verbs to watch out for


While many French and English verbs that look similar mean the same thing, some do not. Here are a dozen verbal faux amis to watch out for, with links to conjugation tables.

assister = "to attend"
"to assist" = aider

attendre = "to wait for"
"to attend" = assister

blesser = "to wound"
"to bless" = bénir

crier = "to scream"
"to cry" = pleurer

décevoir = "to disappoint"
"to deceive" = tromper

demander = "to ask for"
"to demand" = exiger

hâter = "to hasten"
"to hate" = haïr

prétendre = "to claim"
"to pretend" = faire semblant

rater = "to fail, miss"
"to rate" = évaluer

rester = "to stay, remain"
"to rest" = se reposer

résumer = "to summarize"
"to resume" = reprendre

travailler = "to work"
"to travel" = voyager
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