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Du jour au lendemain

French expressions analyzed and explained


Expression: Du jour au lendemain

Pronunciation: [du zhoo ro la(n) deu meh(n)]

Meaning: overnight, suddenly

Literal translation: from the day to the next day

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression du jour au lendemain is figurative. To say that something happened du jour au lendemain means that it happened suddenly, very quickly, and possibly unexpectedly, but probably not that it literally happened during a single night. That meaning of "overnight" is equivalent to pendant la nuit.


   Il est devenu célèbre du jour au lendemain.
   He became famous overnight, Suddenly he was famous, He rocketed to fame.

   Nous nous aimions et puis, du jour au lendemain, il m'a quittée.
   We loved each other, and then suddenly / out of the blue he left me.

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