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C'est parti

French expressions analyzed and explained


Expression: C'est parti

Pronunciation: [say par tee]

Meaning: here we go, here goes, and we're off

Literal translation: it left

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression c'est parti can be used in lots of different situations: when everyone is in the car and you can (finally) set off on your trip, or at the launch of a new product, or when something you've been waiting for finally happens.

I like to tease a friend of mine with c'est parti because one spring and summer the weather in Hyères was unseasonably cold and unpredictable. For months, every time the sun came out and things started to warm up, she'd say Maintenant, c'est parti ! (Now, it [the good weather] is here!) and then it would almost immediately start to rain or get colder.


   Tout le monde est là ? Vous n'avez rien oublié ? Allez, c'est parti !
   Everyone's here? You haven't forgotten anything? OK, we're off!

Variation: C'est parti, mon kiki

Semi-synonyms: allons-y, on y va

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