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French Calendar Vocabulary - Le calendrier

Days of the week, months of the year, seasons


Memorize this French calendar vocabulary so that you can talk about the day of the week and the date in French.

les jours de la semaine   days of the week

   lundi   Monday
   mardi   Tuesday
   mercredi   Wednesday
   jeudi   Thursday
   vendredi   Friday
   samedi   Saturday
   dimanche   Sunday

  • Days are not capitalized in French.
  • The French week starts on Monday, rather than Sunday.
  • You may or may not need to use the masculine definite article le:
    1. If you're talking about the day of a unique event, do not use an article:
            Je l'ai vu dimanche (I saw him on Sunday)
            Il va arriver mercredi (He'll arrive on Wednesday).
    2. When talking about something that happens repeatedly on a certain day, use the article:
            Je vois Pierre le lundi (I see Pierre on Mondays)
            Nous travaillions le samedi (We used to work on Saturdays).
les mois de l'année   months of the year

   janvier   January
   février   February
   mars   March
   avril   April
   mai   May
   juin   June
   juillet   July
   août   August
   septembre   September
   octobre   October
   novembre   November
   décembre   December

Note that months are not capitalized either.

les saisons   seasons

   printemps   spring
   été   summer
   automne   autumn/fall
   hiver   winter


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