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C'est pas vrai

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C'est pas vrai !
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Expression: C'est pas vrai !

Pronunciation: [say pa vray]

Meaning: No way! I don't believe it! You're kidding!

Literal translation: That's not true

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression ce n'est pas vrai literally means "this/that/it isn't true," as in Ce n'est pas vrai qu'il mange cinq fois par jour - "It's not true that he eats five times a day."

But it can also be an informal gasp of disbelief at something that was just said, in which case I can pretty much guarantee you that it will be pronounced c'est pas vrai. The grammatically correct expression is of course ce n'est pas vrai, but in informal French, ne is usually dropped.


   -J'ai eu 250 € d'amende. -C'est pas vrai !
   -I was fined €250. -No way!

   -Il m'a dit de porter une jupe courte. -C'est pas vrai !
   -He told me to wear a short skirt. -You're kidding!

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