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Bon débarras

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Expression: Bon débarras !

Pronunciation: [bo(n) day ba ra]

Meaning: Good riddance!

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression bon débarras is an exclamation of happiness / relief in response to someone's departure or disappearance. Like its English equivalent "good riddance," bon débarras is quite rude, so use it with caution. (At the very least, wait until the not-so-dearly-departed is out of earshot.)


   Il est enfin parti - bon débarras !
   He finally left - good riddance!

Variation: Quel débarras !

Related terms: Un débarras is any space (room, closet, cupboard) used for storing junk. The noun comes from the verb débarrasser - to clear (off, out), to rid (of).

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