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Blague à part

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Expression: Blague à part

Pronunciation: [bla ga par]

Meaning: seriously, in all seriousness, all kidding aside

Literal translation: joke aside

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression blague à part is used to indicate that the speaker may have been joking or teasing up until this point, but is now going to say something serious / tell the truth / stop exaggerating. It can only be used by the speaker, the one who was joking, whereas the synonymous expression sans blague can be used by either the speaker or the listener.


   - Sandrine va déménager en Australie, pour apprendre à faire du surf.
   - C'est vrai ? / Sans blague ?
   - Non, je plaisante. Blague à part / Sans blague, elle y va parce qu'elle a reçu une offre d'emploi.

   "Sandrine is moving to Australia, to learn how to surf."
   "Really? / No kidding?"
   "No, I'm just kidding. Seriously, she's going because she was offered a job."

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