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Avoir un chat dans la gorge

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Expression: Avoir un chat dans la gorge

Pronunciation: [a vwah roo(n) sha da(n) la guhrzh]

Meaning: to have a frog in one's throat, to have some obstruction or hoarseness requiring one to cough or clear one's throat

Literal translation: to have a cat in the throat

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Notes: The French expression avoir un chat dans la gorge is very similar to the English expression "to have a frog in one's throat," but I must say I prefer the latter. A frog, while not a pleasant creature to have blocking the throat, would be far easier to get rid of than a cat!

   J'ai arrêté de fumer l'année passée, mais j'ai toujours un chat dans la gorge quand je me reveille chaque matin.
   I quit smoking last year, but I still have a frog in my throat when I wake up every morning.

Related expression: to clear one's throat - s'éclaircir la gorge, s'éclaircir la voix

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