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French Videos

Watch French videos with French and English subtitles to work on your French listening comprehension, and learn some new French vocabulary at the same time.

Adjective Agreement - French Video
Some basic rules for making adjectives agree in French.

Adjective Position - French Video
Learn which French adjectives go in front of the noun and which go after it.

Adjectives with special forms - French Video
A few French adjectives have special forms depending on the noun they modify.

Auxiliary Verbs - French Video
Learn how to use avoir and être as auxiliary verbs.

Avoir, Être, Faire - French Video
Conjugations and common uses for three essential French verbs.

Business Letters - French Video
Some tips on writing French business letters.

Canadian French - Video
Learn about a few of the differences between French in France and French in Canada.

Common Phrases - French Video
Learn how to use 10 common French phrases.

Conditional - French Video
How to use the French conditional.

Counting - French Video
Learn how to count in French.

Dates - French Video
Learn how to talk about dates in French.

Days and Months - French Video
Learn how to say the days of the week and the months of the year in French.

Definite Articles - French Video
Explanation of the French definite articles le, la, and les.

Directions - French Video
Video about getting directions from the airport.

Doubt - French Video
Find out some different ways to express doubt in French.

Eating Out - French Video
Listen and learn as Soraya orders at a restaurant.

Everyday Expressions - French Video
Learn a few essential expressions that you'll hear every day in France.

Expressions with à - French Video
Learn some common expressions with à, like à haute voix, à fond, and more.

Expressions with en - French Video
Some common French expressions with "en," like en pleine forme et en souffrance.

Future - French Video
The basics of conjugating the French future tense.

Future vs Near Future - French Video
What's the difference between the future tense and the near future?

Gender - French Video
A few tips on determining the gender of French nouns.

Gestures - French Video
Examples of 10 French gestures in action.

Informal Gestures - French Video
Learn how to use five common gestures in informal situations.

Familiar Gestures - French Video
Be careful with these familiar gestures.

Gratitude - French Video
There's more to saying "thank you" than just "merci."

Imperative - French Video
How to give commands with the French imperative.

Imperfect - French Video
Explanation of the French imperfect past tense.

Inversion - French Video
How and why to use inversion in French.

Number Pronunciation - French Video
Information about the pronunciation of French numbers.

Ordinals and Fractions - French Video
Learn about French ordinal numbers and fractions.

Parts of Speech - French Video
Introduction to the various parts of speech in French.

Possessive Adjectives - French Video
Learn how to say my, your, his, her, its, our, and their in French.

Questions - French Video
Learn how to ask questions in French.

Informal Questions - French Video
Tips on asking informal questions in French.

Sentences - French Video
Video introduction to the major ingredients in a French sentence.

Shopping - French Video
Learn some French vocabulary related to shopping.

Social Niceties - French Video
A few essential French phrases for polite conversation.

Terms of Endearment - French Video
Listen to some common French terms of endearment.

Travel, Hotels, and Accommodations - French Video
Hear about some of your options when traveling in France.

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