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Mentir - to lie

Simple conjugations for the French verb mentir


French verb conjugator > mentir

Present Future Imperfect Present participle
je mens mentirai mentais mentant
tu mens mentiras mentais
il ment mentira mentait Passé composé
nous mentons mentirons mentions    Auxiliary verb  avoir
vous mentez mentirez mentiez    Past participle menti
ils mentent mentiront mentaient
Subjunctive   Conditional   Passé simple   Imperfect subjunctive
je mente mentirais mentis mentisse
tu mentes mentirais mentis mentisses
il mente mentirait mentit mentît
nous mentions mentirions mentîmes mentissions
vous mentiez mentiriez mentîtes mentissiez
ils mentent mentiraient mentirent mentissent
(tu) mens   Verb conjugation pattern  Mentir is an irregular verb
Most French verbs ending in -mir, -tir, or -vir are
conjugated this way.
(nous)  mentons
(vous) mentez
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