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Joindre - to join

Simple conjugations for the French verb joindre


French verb conjugator > joindre

Present Future Imperfect Present participle
je joins joindrai joignais joignant
tu joins joindras joignais
il joint joindra joignait Passé composé
nous joignons joindrons joignions    Auxiliary verb  avoir
vous joignez joindrez joigniez    Past participle joint
ils joignent joindront joignaient
Subjunctive  Conditional  Passé simple  Imperfect subjunctive
je joigne joindrais joignis joignisse
tu joignes joindrais joignis joignisses
il joigne joindrait joignit joignît
nous joignions joindrions joignîmes joignissions
vous joigniez joindriez joignîtes joignissiez
ils joignent joindraient joignirent joignissent
(tu)joins   Verb conjugation pattern  Joindre is an irregular verb
All French verbs that end in -aindre, -eindre, and -oindre
are conjugated the same way.
(nous)  joignons

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