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Asseoir - to seat, to sit/set down*

Simple conjugations for the French verb asseoir


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Asseoir has two complete sets of conjugations. This is the more common conjugation; the other is here: Asseoir conjugation 2

Present Future Imperfect Present participle
j' assieds assiérai asseyais asseyant
tu assieds assiéras asseyais
il assied assiéra asseyait Passé composé
nous asseyons assiérons asseyions    Auxiliary verb avoir*
vous asseyez assiérez asseyiez    Past participleassis
ils asseyent assiéront asseyaient
Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
j' asseye assiérais assis assisse
tu asseyes assiérais assis assisses
il asseye assiérait assit assît
nous asseyions assiérions assîmes assissions
vous asseyiez assiériez assîtes assissiez
ils asseyent assiéraient assirent assissent
(tu)assieds*The irregular verb asseoir means "to seat someone else."
To talk about sitting (oneself) down, you must use asseoir as a
pronominal verb, in which case it needs être as the auxiliary verb.
(nous) asseyons

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