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Acquérir - to acquire

Simple conjugations for the French verb acquérir


French verb conjugator > acquérir

PresentFutureImperfectPresent participle
j' acquiers acquerrai acquérais acquérant
tu acquiers acquerras acquérais
il acquiert acquerra acquérait Passé composé
nous acquérons acquerrons acquérions    Auxiliary verb avoir
vous acquérez acquerrez acquériez    Past participleacquis
ils acquièrent acquerront acquéraient
Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
j' acquière acquerrais acquis acquisse
tu acquières acquerrais acquis acquisses
il acquière acquerrait acquit acquît
nous acquérions acquerrions acquîmes acquissions
vous acquériez acquerriez acquîtes acquissiez
ils acquièrent acquerraient acquirent acquissent
(tu)acquiers  Verb conjugation pattern
Acquérir is an irregular verb
Similar verbs: conquérir | s'enquérir | quérir
(nous) acquérons
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