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Valentine's Day - Love in French and France

France is one of the most romantic places on Earth and French is the language of love, so there can be no better place and language in which to celebrate Valentine's Day.

How to say "I love you" in French
They say that French is the language of love, so you'd better know how to say I love you!

French Love Language
If French is the language of love, what better language is there with which to express your love? Here are some key French words and phrases related to love, friendship, and special occasions.

French Love Language Quiz
See how well you speak the lovey dovey language of love.

French Terms of Endearment
French has all kinds of interesting terms of endearment, including a rather odd assortment of barnyard animals. Check out this list of French terms of endearment to use with your loved ones (both romantic and familial).

Romantic French Movies
Here are some romantic French movies that I've loved and I think you and your significant other will too.

C'est de l'amour véritable (listening exercise)
Old age does not have to mean the end of living, or even loving. In this three-part interview, a 90-year-old man shares his thoughts on how to get the most out of life and love, at any age.

Poll: What is the most romantic language?
Do you think French is the most romantic language? Vote in our poll.

La Saint-Valentin en France
Il y avait quelques décorations dans les magasins, mais je ne sais pas si cette journée romantique est aussi célébrée en France qu'aux États-Unis, ou de la même façon.

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