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Hyères, Provence, France

What to do and where to go in Hyères, a beautiful city in the south of France.

Floral'Hyères 2010
In 2010, the first Floral'Hyères was held in downtown Hyères, France. The most spectacular aspect of this biannual celebration was the flower parade, with 10 flower bedecked floats accompanied by singers, dancers, and other performers.

Première vue
Nous avons exploré un peu Hyères ce weekend, et je vois maintenant pourquoi cette région est envahie de touristes chaque été....

Hyères and its fractions
Covering more than 13,000 hectares (50 square miles) and with a difference of 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) between the two extremities, the town of Hyères is one of the largest in France.

Downtown Hyères
Hyères's downtown is great for retirees and kids, less so for ages 15-65.

Hyères's Old Town
The vieille ville is the prettiest part of downtown Hyères.

Pourquoi Hyères ? Comment est-il ?

Hyères et les palmiers
Le nom d'Hyères ne sera plus correcte...

A beautiful beach famous for wind sports.

Castel Sainte-Claire
This villa and park is one of the most beautiful sites in Hyères.

Faire du vélo à Hyères
Un moyen génial de voir Hyères.

Île de Porquerolles
A beautiful island off the coast of Hyères.

Ruins of an old abbey and marine trading post.

Salins d'Hyères
The salt marshes in Hyères are well worth a visit.

Avril à Hyères
A few words about what Hyères is like in April.

Christmas decorations
Photos taken at Christmastime in Menton, Hyères, and Strasbourg.

Photo Gallery: Hyères Flower Festival 2008
On 5 and 6 April 2008, the southern French city of Hyères hosted its annual flower festival with an open day event at Marché aux fleurs d'Hyères, the largest flower market in France and the fourth largest in Europe. It was a fascinating look at this colorful aspect of the Hyérois community.

Fête du vin - Les Vignades
Hyères's annual tasting of dozens of wines from the region is animated by music, dance, and a celebrity host.

Foire aux plants à Hyères
Even if you don't buy anything, the flower marché is worth a visit.

Le Gros Souper et ses 13 desserts
Typical Christmas Eve feast in Provence.

Iris en Provence
This mail order company in Hyères holds annual open houses during the height of the iris and hemerocallis growing seasons.

Noël des enfants français
No holds barred in Christmas celebrations for French kids.

Le temps exceptionnel du Midi
In January 2009, the South of France isn't exactly warm.

Les vieux métiers de France
Find out about French occupations of yesteryear at this annual festival.

La ville d'Hyères
Site officiel de la ville d'Hyères.

Hyères-les-Palmiers - Tourism Office
Official site for visitors to Hyères.

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