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French Calendars + Date Books - 2013

Keep track of your rendez-vous with a French-themed calendar


When it's time to start thinking about a new calendar or date book, this page is here to help. Why not incorporate just that little bit more French into your life by using a calendar that's either in French or about France? Here are my favorite French-related calendars and date books.

1. Living Language: French Daily Phrase & Culture Calendar

Learn basic French vocabulary and culture with this page-a-day calendar. Every day there is a new beginning-level word or expression with its phonetic spelling, plus cultural notes and other interesting information for lovers of French and France.
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2. Colors of France

This 2013, bilingual wall calendar offers beautiful photos of colorful French architectural details.
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3. 365 Days in France

Don't miss this beautiful calendar: each month focuses on a different region of France, with informational notes and 365 breath-taking photos.
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4. Coasts of France

More poster than calendar, this offers gorgeous photos of French coasts.
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5. Provence 2013

If you pine for sun-drenched fields of lavender, this is the calendar for you.
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6. Monet 2013 Calendar

Enjoy some of renowned Impressionist Claude Monet's best painting in this mini, 16-month calendar.
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7. The Canadian Landscape / Le Paysage canadien Calendar

Enjoy a taste of Canada with this beautiful collection of Canadian landsapes.
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8. French Country Diary

Use this lovely, vintage-styled, week-at-a-glance diary to keep track of all your appointments in 2013.

9. French calendar, by LKL

Well, this one isn't as fancy as the others, but it's free and it's in French. Visit this page to print out your very own French calendar, by Laura K. Lawless. :-)

10. French Advent Calendar

This is an online French Advent calendar - check each day's door for a seasonal photo, word, Christmas carol, game, and gift idea.
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