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French Pronoun Tests

French has all kinds of different pronouns: subject, object, personal, impersonal.... See how well you know how to use them with these quizzes.

Demonstrative pronouns
Demonstrate your skill with a particular type of pronoun by completing this quiz.

Direct object pronouns
Find out just how keen your skills are with this test on direct object pronouns.

Disjunctive pronouns
Not sure how good your are with disjunctive pronouns? Find out here.

Indefinite pronouns
Be definite about your ablility to use these pronouns. Try this quiz.

Indefinite relative pronouns
How well can you score on this quiz?

Indirect object pronouns
Do you know how to employ these pronouns? Test yourself.

Interrogative pronouns (qui vs que)
How firm is your grasp of these pronouns? Check it out by taking this quiz.

Negative pronouns
Don't be a nay sayer. Demonstrate your skill.

Object pronouns - position/order
The object of this pronoun quiz is to score 100.

On - indefinite subject pronoun
Subject yourself to a short test and find out how well you do with these pronouns.

Possessive pronouns
Take this quiz and make it yours.

Pronominal verbs
Make yourself take this quiz and show yourself how well you can do.

Relative pronouns
Take the quiz that will show your ability to use relative pronouns.

Tout, toute, tous, toutes
Do you know how to use tout as an adverb?

Tu vs Vous - subject pronouns
I formally suggest taking this informal quiz.

Y and En (adverbial pronouns)
Discover how well you know these French adverbial pronouns.

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