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French Tests and Quizzes

Take your pick of French tests on French grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, as well as culture, study habits, and more. Each test has a link to a lesson on that subject or skill, so you can review if necessary.
  1. Proficiency Tests
  2. Beginning French Tests (25)
  3. Intermediate French Tests (11)
  4. Advanced French Tests (12)
  5. Adjective Tests (9)
  6. Adverb Tests (10)
  7. Confusing Pairs Tests (28)
  8. Conjunction Tests (3)
  9. Gender Tests (4)
  10. Indefinite French Tests (8)
  11. Negation Tests (4)
  12. Preposition Tests (9)
  13. Pronoun Tests (16)
  14. Verb Tests (52)
  15. Vocabulary Tests (56)
  16. Word Order Tests (7)
  17. French Culture Quizzes

French Quiz of the Day ~ Épreuve du jour
Test yourself daily with the French quiz of the day.

Agreement with compound verbs
How are you at making French verbs agree?

Common French Mistakes Quiz
See if you get caught by dozens of common French mistakes.

Confusing French Pairs Quiz
How well do you understand the difference between confusing French pairs like savoir/connaître, tu/vous, and passé composé/imparfait? This automatic-scoring quiz will ask up to 200 questions on 20 different confusing French topics to help you pinpoint your most common mistakes.

Definite, indefinite, partitive articles
Try your hand at recognizing and using the different types of French articles.

Definite articles (advanced)
Do you understand advanced uses of the French definite article?

H muet vs H aspiré
Make sure you know the difference, as it's essential for speaking and writing.

(In)direct speech
Test yourself on the difference between direct and indirect speech.

Listening comprehension
Check your ability to understand spoken French with these exercises.

Quiz yourself on the different ways to expression possession in French.

Do you know how to ask questions in French?

Reading comprehension
Put your French reading skills to the test.

Are you a Francophile?
Take this fun quiz to see if you're a true lover of French.

Are you a French fanatic?
Do you love French and France, almost to (or perhaps well beyond) the point of fanaticism?

Student Personality Quiz
Your French study habits might be worthy of an A, B, C, or even, gasp, a D. Take this quiz to find out your French student personality, then take a look at the study tips to improve your study habits.

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