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I - French Pronunciation of I

How is I pronounced in French?


The French letter I is pronounced more or less like the ee in "fee," but without the Y sound at the end: listen.

An i with an accent circonflexe î or tréma ï is pronounced the same way (as is the letter Y when it's a vowel in French).

However, the French I is pronounced like the English Y in the following instances:
  • When I is followed by a vowel - châtier, addition, adieu, tiers
  • When IL is at the end of a word and preceded by a vowel - orteil, orgueil, œil
  • In most words with ILLE - mouiller, fille, bouteille, veuillez - learn more

French words with I

Click on the links below to hear the words pronounced in French:

   dix   (ten)

   ami   (friend)

   lit   (bed)

   addition   (addition, restaurant bill)

   adieu   (farewell)

   orgueil   (pride)

   œil   (eye)

   veuillez   (please)

   fille   (girl)

Letter combinations with I (click for detailed lessons)

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