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Poisson d'avril - April Fools Day

The first of April is a day of mischief in France. Here are the poissons d'avril that I've tricked some of my readers with.

Au revoir les euros
France is supposedly leaving the euro and creating a new currency. (April Fools' Day 2012)

Fight for Standard French
French-Canadians pretend petition for recognition of their language. (April Fools' Day 2005)

France Fights Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast
France's alleged response to the "freedom fries" crusade. (April Fools' Day 2003)

une loileçon
The aweseome French word I invented. (April Fools' 2014)

La nouvelle cuisaine
The new French cuisine I invented as a joke. (April Fools' Day 2009)

Remaniement linguistique en Europe
My claim that 23 official languages in the EU was about 21 too many. (April Fools' Day 2010)

La Simplification de la langue française
My prank about French being officially simplified by the Académie française. (April Fools' Day 2004)

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