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French and Francophone Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines from the francophone world. Note that most of these can be read at least partly online.

France-Amérique - French News Magazine
France-Amérique, which merged with Journal français in 2007, is the largest French-language publication in the US.

20 minutes
Free daily paper handed out to commuters.

Canada's only French-language public affairs magazine.

Read all the news from Africa, in French English.

L'Autre Afrique
Weekly information about the real news in Africa, which mainstream press often misses.

Le Canard enchaîné
Satirical French newspaper.

Ça m'intéresse
"Mensuel généraliste qui permet de comprendre le monde tout en se divertissant. Santé, société, nature, sciences, histoire, comportement... Ça m'intéresse se pose des questions dans tous les domaines."

Congo 2000
Site from Congo, with African and international news.

Courrier international
Weekly newspaper which publishes translated excerpts of articles hundreds of international newspapers.

France Soir
French newspaper / tabloid.

Le Devoir
Daily newspaper from Montréal.

Read this weekly French magazine, similar to Newsweek or Time, in French.

Le Figaro
One of the leading French daily newspapers. Conservative.

French daily paper, formerly linked to the French Communist Party.

Daily Parisian newspaper.

Le Monde
Home page of the definitive French newspaper.

Le Monde diplomatique
A monthly publication that summarizes and analyzes world news.

Le Nouvel Observateur quotidien
News and culture from around the world, in French.

Le Parisien
French daily covering news from Paris, France, and the world.

Le Point
Weekly magazine similar to the English-language Time and Newsweek.

Le Temps
Daily newspaper from Switzerland.

Current affairs magazine.

Free paper published various languages in dozens of countries.

Ouest France
Ouest-France est le premier quotidien français depuis 1975. Il est le premier quotidien francophone au monde.

Paris Match
Weekly paper covering French and international news, including culture and celebrities.

Réseaux & Télécoms
News about the world of business, in French.

Summary of world news in French; updated every two hours.

Le Soleil
Extensive online Canadian newspaper.

Sympatico: InfoExpress
National and world news from this Canadian paper.

Unlimited French Magazines
A subscription to the Éco-forfait WWF illimité allows you to download as many of their 500 French magazines as you can read, plus donates a euro a month to the World Wildlife Fund.

Learning to Read a French Newspaper
Insights into getting the most out of reading the news.

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