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120 dictées de français

Test your French listening and writing skills

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Work on your French listening and writing skills at the same time. Dictation is a technique used in many language classes, and now the CD 120 dictées de français offers hours of practice for independent learners.


120 dictées de français is divided into five categories:
  1. Actualités   (Current Events)
  2. Entretien   (Interviews)
  3. Littérature   (Literature)
  4. Phonétique   (Phonetics)
  5. Quotidien   (Everyday French)
Each dictée, labeled intermediate or advanced, is recited at two speeds: normal and dictation (the latter has numerous pauses to allow you time to type). On the left side of the screen is a blank box where you can type your dictation while listening. The right side includes a language and cultural notes as well as the audio player (including a handy pause button).

A total of 9 native French speakers recite the passages to give you plenty of practice listening to different voices.

The transcript is a click away so that you can check what you heard against what was actually said.


120 dictées de français is a CD-ROM compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The audio exercises can be burned to a CD or transfered to an mp3 player.

Unfortunately, 120 dictées de français is no longer available as a stand-alone product. It is included with purchase of the French audio course.

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Discours et Méthode offers numerous products for French learners, including
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 5 out of 5
, Member chengcheng134

I have some problems in listening comprehension in French, I want to do more exercises like the dictation to improve my listening skills.And this service provide 120 dictations, so I really want to make full use of them to achieve my goal.

9 out of 10 people found this helpful.

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