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À Moi Paris

Free online French audiobook

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À Moi Paris is the story of three girls in Paris, who become friends and even have a few adventures. More than that, it's a beginning- to low-intermediate-level French audiobook that is freely available online from the author.

French story

A Moi Paris recounts the adventures of Mary, a British student who moves to Paris and meets Sophie and Claudia. They are all studying at Université Delphine and become fast friends.

French language

The language used in A Moi Paris is suitable for beginning- to low-intermediate French students. Everyday vocabulary and expressions are used, the audio is spoken at a measured page, and there is a full transcript if weaker students have trouble following along.

French audiobook

A Moi Paris contains sixteen chapters of text and audio that can be accessed online for free, or purchased as PDF and MP3 files. There are also exercises for each chapter, which are again available to use free online or can be purchased for download.

About the author

Camille Chevalier Karfis is a French tutor and the creator of French Today, which includes a variety of French-language lessons, poetry analyses, audio books, and cultural articles.

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