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French Sociolinguistics - Sociolinguistique française

Links to info about French sociolinguistics.

Bibliographie sociolinguistique francophone
Database of linguistic publications that you can download. French only

Les facteurs sociolinguistiques d'évolution et de variation du français
Discussion of sociolinguistic factors on language, French only.

French Sociolinguistics
"This book brings together twenty-eight important extracts relating to French sociolinguistics. It is divided into four sections: the French language in France today, linguistic diversity in France, French outside France, and French and gender. The extracts have been drawn from a host of sources and have been selected to illustrate a wide range of attitudes and approaches to the role of French in France and elsewhere in the world."

Les Linguistiques externes
In-depth look at external linguistics, including sociolinguistics. In French.

Sociolinguistique urbaine
A study of urban sociolinguistics, as observed in Rouen, France. French only

Sociolinguistic variation in contemporary French
Online preview of a 2009 book of essays on French sociolinguistics.

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