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French Lesson Plans and Curricula

These links to French lesson plans and curricula can help you make the most of your French class.

French Number Practice - How to practice French numbers in the classroom
Do you find teaching numbers boring, figuring that once you've taught your students to count in French, there's not much else you can do? If so, I have good news for you (and your students). French teachers recently shared all kinds of great ideas for practicing numbers, including several games.

Si Clause Practice - Threads
Work on si clauses in the French classroom with this detailed practice exercise, called Threads.

Warm-Up Activities and Fillers
Most language teachers find that there is a bit of dead time during class. This may occur at the beginning of class, as the students are arriving; at the end of class, as they are thinking about leaving; and right in the middle of class, when transitioning from one lesson to another. During this dead time, the best option is to spend five or ten minutes on a short, interesting activity.

Teaching Resources
An eclectic assortment of resources for French teachers, including general and specific information about the French language, teaching tools, and more. Find inspiration and tools for the French classroom.

Core French
Detailed curriculum and lesson plans for teaching French in middle school.

Ideas and resources for using TV5Monde in the French classroom.

French Connections
"The Internet can add an immediacy and contemporary flavor to French classes, introducing students not only to the vibrant culture of France but to an international realm of discourse where multi-linguistic skills are taken for granted."

French Lesson Plans: NCLRC
Lesson plans for French and other languages.

French Lesson Plans
Four lessons which combine French culture with language.

Simulated Trips Using the Internet
Lesson plans for virtual travel. You'll need to scroll about halfway down the page to get to the relevant section.

World Language Documents
A diverse collection of language teaching ideas and curricula in a PDF file.

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