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French Music for Kids and Classes

Most people like music, but kids in particular usually love it. Here are some French music links to help your child, your students, and you enjoy listening to and learning from French music.

French Christmas Carols
Read the lyrics and translations of dozens of French Christmas carols.

Carole Fredericks: Tant qu'elle chante, elle vit
Tant qu'elle chant, elle vit : apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks is a unique resource for French speakers of all levels and ages, as well as anyone interested in music. Teachers in particular will find this product useful, as it offers interesting possibilities for French classes.

Little Pim French Bop
Little Pim French Bop is a French audio CD with a selection of new and classic French songs for kids.

Music Lingua - Teaching French to Kids
Music Lingua is a music-based French program for kids up to age 8.

Pardon My French - Projet Collaboratif Incongru
This inspired website includes hundreds of well-known songs translated literally into French, and the results are both informative and entertaining.

Chaîne de frenchrescue
French music videos on YouTube with French and English subtitles.

La chanson francophone en cours de FLE
Many songs for French class, divided by level, grammar and vocabulary topics, holidays, and more.

Comptines, chansons et poésies
Words to hundreds of songs and poems: animals, counting songs, holidays, and many more.

French 4 Tots
Dozens of French songs for young kids.

French MP3s for Kids
A collection of links to French songs for kids available for download.

French Songs for Teaching
A tagged collection of songs suitable for teaching French from nursery to early secondary.

Mama Lisa's World
Read the lyrics and listen to French children's songs and nursery rhymes.

Music by Daniel
Purchase tapes and CDs of French music played and sung by award-winning French-Canadian musician Daniel Nault. A great way to introduce your kids to the beautiful French language.

Music for Teaching the French Language
French songs for teaching French to kids, organized by topic.

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