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Intermediate French Listening Resources

Listening exercises and resources for intermediate French students.

French Numbers
Learning to count in French is one thing, but it's another matter entirely to be able to think of a number without counting up to it, or to understand individual numbers when you hear them. Get better at understanding and using French numbers with random number generators.

Le français des régions
Listening comprehension exercise about dialects vs "standard French," the Dictionary of French Regionalisms, dialects in France and their linguistic status, the French patois from Vendée, and whether dialects reflect differences in mentality.

La Haute Route
Practice your French listening comprehension with this low-intermediate level audio journal about a hiking trip through the Swiss Alps.

French listening tips
It can be difficult to figure out the best way to use listening exercises. Should you listen first, and then read the transcript, or is it ok to listen and read at the same time? This article offers ideas on how to make the most of the listening exercises on this site as well as your own audio tools.

Non-Internet Resources
Reviews of French learning tapes and CDs.

120 dictées de français
Work on your French listening and writing skills at the same time. Dictation is a technique used in many language classes, and now 120 dictées de français offers hours of practice for independent learners.

Easy French Poetry Podcast
Easy French Poetry Podcast is a French conversation podcast about poetry. This unique project combines listening practice with an analysis of French poetry and is ideal for high-intermediate French students, though any level student from low-intermediate to advanced can benefit from listening to French poetry read by a native French speaker.

Les portes tordues
Les portes tordues is a bilingual audiobook for beginning to intermediate French students. As the book proceeds, the French becomes progressively more difficult.

Sur le vif French Audio Books
The publisher of the online audio magazine La Guinguette offers three intermediate/advanced French audiobooks about contemporary France called Sur le vif (Real Life).

French Listening Comprehension
More intermediate-advanced French listening exercises. Each includes a French sound file, study guide, and short quiz. There's also a transcript and a full translation of the audio, which you can use to better understand the sound file.

Think French Audiomagazine
Think French is an online French audiomagazine suitable for intermediate French learners.

Talk French - What you like doing
Intermediate level activities: choose between short videos and various comprehension exercises.

Make French Your Business
Listen to audio files on greetings, getting around, and introductions, then test your comprehension.

RFI apprendre
French news adapted for French students, with comprehension quizzes.

Champs-Élysées Audiomagazine
Champs-Élysées is an audiomagazine aimed at intermediate and advanced French students, but is versatile enough to be used by independent students, homeschoolers, teachers, travelers, or anyone else interested in regular French listening practice.

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