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Ice Breakers for French Class

Getting the conversation started isn't always easy. Check out these ideas for fun and easy ways to break the ice in French class.

First Day Teaching Ideas
What should you do on the first day of French class? Students may be new to language learning or coming back from vacation, so is it better to have some fun or dive right into grammar and vocabulary? Take a look a these excellent suggestions shared by teachers.

As a class or in small groups, list all of the vocabulary in a particular category.

Have students pair off for short discussions.

M + Ms
A sweet way to get to know each other on the first day.

Meet your neighbor
Practice greetings and personal details with other students.

Music videos
Watch and discuss French music videos.

Name Game
Learn all of the students' names.

Discuss quotations by famous Francophones.

General ice breakers
Assorted ideas for getting the conversation started in any class, from About.com's Guide to Adult Education.

French Class Phrases - Useful Phrases for French Class
To help students use as much French as possible in the classroom, here is a list of essential words and phrases related to comprehension and typical classroom requests, with sound files.

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