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French and Francophone History

Learn about the history of the rich French civilization - colonization, la Grande Révolution, and more.
  1. Today in History (368)

Important Dates Quiz
Test yourself on important dates in francophone history.

People Quiz
Test your knowledge of important figures in francophone history with short quiz.

Libert, galit, Fraternit
Learn about the French motto libert, galit, fraternit.

The Story of French
The Story of French is a definitive analysis of French as it is spoken around the world. An in-depth, compelling, and above all affectionate look at the language of love, The Story of French is required reading for all Francophiles.

Les vieux métiers de France
Find out about French occupations of yesteryear at this annual festival.

Today in Francophone History
Learn about today's famous francophone birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.

The Guillotine
An in-depth look at one of Europe's bloodiest icons, including the history of decapitation machines; the work of Drs. Guillotin and Louis; and the guillotine's adoption across France, rise to infamy during the Terror, and continued use until 1981.

French inventors
The most famous French inventors, from About.com's Guide to Inventors.

The French Revolution
Everything you need to know about the French Revolution, from the About.com Guide to European history.

French women in history
A collection of links, from the About.com guide to Women's History. There are separate pages for Joan of Arc and Olympe de Gouges, as well as links to women's history in Africa and Canada.

About Napolean
PBS is showing a four-episode program about Napolean, starting 8 November. Don't miss it!

Acadian-Cajun Genealogy and History
A portal to Acadian and Cajun genealogy and history.

Creating French Culture
How the French got to be the French, from the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
This was approved by the French National Assembly in 1789.

Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Citizen
Written some years later by Olympe de Gouges, this was never approved by the National Assembly.

Interesting summary of France's history, in English.

The French Page
The history of the Crusades in French, with audio and pictures.

French Revolutionary Pamphlets
Read three pamplets published just before or during the 1789 French Revolution. In French.

Numerous articles about French history: Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, presidents of the 5th Republic, and lots more. French only.

Musée acadien de l'Université de Moncton
Learn all about Acadian history with this virtual visit to the museum. French or English.

The place to learn about Napoleon Bonaparte, in French or English. There is a ton of information and even some fun stuff like Napoléonic web postcards.

Regions of France
Terrific description of each of the regions of France, their products, and places to see.

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