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French Subjunctive - Subjonctif


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French subjunctive: Expressions of will - orders, advice, desires
Verbs and expressions which express someone's will, an order, a need, a piece of advice, or a desire require the subjunctive.

aimer mieux que   to like better / to prefer that

commander que   to order that

demander que   to ask (someone to do something)

désirer que   to desire that

donner l'ordre que   to order that

empêcher que*   to prevent (someone from doing something)

éviter que*   to avoid

exiger que   to demand that

il est à souhaiter que   it is to be hoped that

il est essentiel que   it is essential that

il est important que   it is important that

il est naturel que   it is natural that

il est nécessaire que   it is necessary that

il est normal que   it is normal that

il est temps que   it is time that

il est urgent que   it is urgent that

il faut que   it is necessary that

il vaut mieux que   it is better that

interdire que   to forbid that

s'opposer que   to oppose that

ordonner que   to order that

permettre que   to permit that

préférer que   to prefer that

proposer que   to propose that

recommander que   to recommend

souhaiter que   to wish that

suggérer que   to suggest that

tenir à ce que   to insist that

vouloir que   to want that

*These verbs are followed by the ne explétif:

   Évitez qu'il ne parte.
   Prevent him from leaving.

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