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French subject pronouns: il, elle = he, she, it
The French third person singular subject pronouns il (listen) and elle (listen) are used just like their English equivalents "he" and "she" when talking about people:

   Il aime skier.
   He likes to ski.

   Elle veut être médecin.
   She wants to be a doctor.

In addition, both il and elle can also mean "it." In French, all nouns are either masculine or feminine, so to replace them, you use the subject pronouns corresponding to that gender.

   Je vais au musée - il est ouvert jusqu'à 20h00.
   I'm going to the museum - it's open until 8pm.

   Où est la voiture ? Elle est chez Jean.
   Where's the car? It's at Jean's place.

  • Il can refer to a male, "he," as well a masculine noun, "it."
  • Elle can indicate a female, "she," or a feminine noun, "it."
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