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Vouloir Pouvoir Devoir - French Verbs

To want, to be able, to have to


It is absolutely essential to understand and be able to use these three irregular French verbs, as they are very common as well as useful. They are often taught together because of the similarities in the conjugations of vouloir and pouvoir and the uses of pouvoir and devoir.

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  Vouloir - to want Pouvoir - can, to be able to Devoir - must, to have to
  Je veux danser avec toi.
I want to dance with you.
Je peux danser avec toi.
I can dance with you.
Je dois danser avec toi.
I have to dance with you.
  Voulez-vous parler ?
Do you wish to speak?
Pouvez-vous parler ?
Can you speak?
Devez-vous parler ?
Do you need to speak?
je veux peux dois
tu veux peux dois
il veut peut doit
nous   voulons pouvons devons
vous voulez pouvez devez
ils veulent peuvent doivent
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