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Chez - French Preposition

Learn how to use the French preposition chez


Pretty much anyone who has eaten at a French restaurant is familiar with the French preposition chez since it's often used with the name of the chef, as in Chez Laura. But there are many other ways to use chez, most of which require several words in English. Learn about the different meanings and translations of the essential French word chez.

Chez is most commonly used to indicate physical location or destination:

At / to the house of

   chez mon oncle
   at / to my uncle's house

   chez moi
   at home, at / to my house

   Carole est chez elle.
   Carole is at home.

At / to the office of

   chez le médecin
   at / to the doctor's (office)

   chez l'avocat
   at / to the lawyer's office

At / to the shop of

   chez le boucher
   at / to the butcher shop

   chez le coiffeur
   at / to the barbershop, hairdresser

Chez can also be used figuratively, to indicate the state of mind or personal style of a person or a particular group:


   (une coutume) chez les Français
   (a custom) among the French

   C'est typique chez les politiciens.
   It's typical of politicans.

   Ça se trouve souvent chez les vaches.
   You often find that among cows.

For / With

   Chez lui, c'est une habitude
   It's a habit with him.

   C'est bizarre chez un enfant.
   That's strange for a child.

In the work of

   chez Molière
   in Molière's work / writing

   chez Van Gogh
   in Van Gogh's art
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