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French Exclamative Adjectives - Adjectifs exclamatifs

Introduction to French exclamative adjectives


The French exclamative adjective, quel, is placed in front of a noun to express admiration, astonishment, indignation, or another strong sentiment about that noun. Like all French adjectives, quel has to agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies - see the table at the end of this lesson.

   Quel charmant garçon !
   What a charming boy!

   Quelle catastrophe !
   What a catastrophe!

   Quelles bonnes idées !
   What good ideas!

   Quel imbécile je suis !
   What an idiot I am! I'm such an idiot!

   Quel courage il a montré !
   What bravery he showed!

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   Tel quel - as is, just like that

French Exclamative Adjectives

Singular  Plural
Masculine  quelquels
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