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French Fun - Games - Comics - Tongue Twisters - Jokes

When you're tired of studying French, take a break with these fun sites that I've found on the net. There are games, jokes, comics, tongue twisters, and more.
  1. Crossword Puzzles (11)
  2. Games (27)
  3. Word Play (30)

Personality Quiz
Take this quiz to find out your French student personality! Discover whether your study habits are worthy of an A, B, C, or even, gasp, a D. Then take a look at the study tips to improve your French study habits.

Les Règles d'écriture
Just for fun - the rules of French grammar explained by breaking each of them in the descriptions (en français).

French Screensavers
Three French-theme screensavers. They dance, they talk, they save your screen... what more could you ask for? :-)

A la française Forum
Word games, jokes, and other fun things on this site's forum (you will need to log in, and then you'll be taken to the games).

French is Better than... Everything!
Purely for entertainment - lists of reasons that French is better than chocolate, shopping, Spanish, and more.

French Magnetic Poetry
Magnetic poetry is a fun little tool you can use to learn and practice French. 500 magnets with words and parts of words help you to express yourself in a unique and creative way.

French Names
Looking for name to use in French class? These pages include more than 200 of the most popular French names, along with their pronunciation and English equivalents.

French Printable Sentiments for Card Making and Scrapbooking
Add a little French inspired flair to your rubber stamping and paper craft projects! Here are some French free printable sentiments for you to download, print and add to your handmade cards, scrapbook pages or other projects.

Adopt an Escargot
By adopting an escargot, you become a member of this great online community and can trade stories and ideas.

African expressions
Guess what the African expression means in standard French.

Learn all about aptonyms - last names that correspond to the person's job. This site has more than 300 examples. I guess since my name is Lawless, I need to change careers and be a lawyer, eh? :-)

Astérix, le site officiel
Perhaps the most famous French comic strip. You can read the comics, play games, and more, in four languages.

Créativité et activitiés ludiques
Assorted games and activities for intermediate/advanced French speakers.

A very cute site with several different activities, including rebuses, assorted puzzles, and more. French only

Dozens of puzzles sorted by theme.

Free Rice
Test your French vocab and do a good deed at the same time. Click "subjects" to choose French, then watch your rice donations for hungry people grow.

A Belgian webzine with comics, gastronomic discussions, fun touristy information, and other playful stuff. French only.

LanguageComics helps you practice and expand your French vocabulary through a series of comics with integrated English translations.

Mots sans rides
How about some surrealist games? Try "Jeu du si," "Question réponse," and "Cadavres exquis."

Tableau noir
Create a poem on a virtual chalkboard using the words provided.

A classic Belgian comic strip. Learn about the characters, play a game, or just read the funnies.

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