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International Jobs
This last category includes any career in the world. How is that possible, you ask? Virtually any job, skill, or trade you have can be done in a francophone country. Are you a computer programmer? Try working for a French company. An accountant? How about in Québec?

If you are determined to use your language skills at work but don't have the ability or interest required to be a teacher, translator, etc., you can always try getting a non-language specific job in France or another francophone country. While your job might not require your language skills for the actual work you do, you would still speak French to your colleagues, neighbors, store owners, etc. These links can help you to find your path:
Jobs using French

   Translation / Interpretation
   Editing / Proofreading
   Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
   Foreign Service
   International Organizations
   Other International Careers
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