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French Search Engines

Moteurs de recherche


If you do a lot of internet searches related to French-speaking countries or their products, consider using a French-language search engine, as it may yield more relevant results than your default search engine.


French Google

Google offers dozens of country-specific search engines; here are the ones for francophone countries. Note that for multilingual countries, you may need to click "français" under the search box to go to the French interface:
French Bing

Bing does not provide country-specific search engines, but you can limit your search to pages from a certain country and/or written in a certain language. To do this, go to www.bing.com, perform your search, click "Advanced," and then choose a language and/or country.

French Yahoo

Yahoo has a few country-specific search engines, notably Yahoo France and Yahoo Canada. For other countries, you need to go to www.yahoo.com, click "more > advanced search," and then either go to the "site/domain" field and type the two-letter country code, or click the "country" drop-down box and make your selection.

To limit your search to sites written in French, go to "more > advanced search," find the "languages" section, and check "French."

Moteurs de recherche

You could also try a genuine French-language search engine:

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