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Francophonie and French Facts

Francophonie is the phenomenon of speaking French. Learn about le monde francophone: who speaks French, where in the world it is spoken, why this is so important. Links to francophone organizations, events, and other information.
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Introduction to French
If you've ever wondered where French came from and how it fits in with other languages, here is some basic information.

What is French? Facts and Figures about the French Language
How many French speakers are there? Where is French spoken? How many French-speaking countries are there? In which international organizations is French an official language? Read this introduction to some facts and figures about the French language.

Learn French basics in 7 days
Learn the basics of French in 7 days.

Why Learn French?
There are all kinds of reasons to learn a foreign language in general, and French in particular.

How to Learn French Online
My free, 20-week French learning course is available as an online checklist or a weekly newsletter. Whichever format you choose, you'll be presented with basic French vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar lessons in a logical study order, with each week's lessons building upon previous topics.

National French Week
Organized by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), National French Week is an annual celebration of French language and francophone cultures. The goal is to increase our community's understanding and appreciation of the francophone world by finding interesting and entertaining ways of looking at how French touches our lives as well as learning about the dozens of countries and millions of people who speak this beautiful language.

Daily French
One surefire way to improve your French is to work on it as often as possible. The About the French Language site includes various daily French features as well as tips on incorporating French into your daily life.

Gifts for Francophiles
Wondering what to buy for the French lover on your list? Someone who really loves French probably already has a good dictionary and grammar book, so here are some gifts that will really thrill your favorite Francophile.

French Magnetic Poetry
Magnetic poetry is a fun little tool you can use to learn and practice French. 500 magnets with words and parts of words help you to express yourself in a unique and creative way.

The Story of French
The Story of French is a definitive analysis of French as it is spoken around the world. An in-depth, compelling, and above all affectionate look at the language of love, The Story of French is required reading for all Francophiles.

DILF - DELF - DALF - French Proficiency Tests
DILF, DELF, and DALF are official French proficiency certifications, awarded by the French ministry of education accepted in lieu of linguistic entrance exams around the world.

French Search Engines
If you do a lot of internet searches related to French-speaking countries or their products, consider using a French-language search engine such as Google France, as it may yield more relevant results than your default search engine.

How to Fake a French Accent
I love the beautiful accent that the French have when they speak English, and it can be fun or even useful to imitate it. If you're an actor, comedian, or grand séducteur, learn how to fake a French accent with this in-depth look at how the French speak English.

Le québécois en 10 leçons
Le québécois en 10 leçons

Fight for Standard French
Standard French is considered to be Parisian French as spoken by the middle classes - but not for long, if French-Canadians have anything to say about it.

Free French Apps
If you're looking for free French apps, you're in luck: there is a wide variety, from dictionaries to learning programs - here are some useful-sounding mobile applications related to French.

International Day of Francophonie
Organized by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), International Day of Francophonie is an annual celebration of French language and francophone cultures. AATF organizations, Alliance française branches, and French departments across the country will join in promoting French and everything that goes along with it with assorted activities and events.

L'Aménagement linguistique dans le monde
Incredible site - a discussion of the particular linguistic situation of nearly 100 countries.

Centre international francophone de documentation et d'information
Collects and distributes information and publications related to francophonie.

Drapeaux de la francophonie
Flags from around the world, plus a chronology and a few quotes.

La Francophonie
Information about various conferences.

Le Monde de la francophonie
Description of the francophone world and a link to a very nice map.

Qu'est-ce que la francophonie ?
If you're not sure what it is, you can find out here. French.

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