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French Expressions with Raconter

Idiomatic French expressions


The French verb raconter literally means "to tell" or "to relate" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to tell one's life story, spin yarns, be fooling oneself, and more with this list of expressions with raconter.

Possible meanings of raconter
  • to tell
  • to recount
  • to relate
  • to say

Expressions with raconter

Raconte !
Do tell! Tell me about it! Spill!

raconter ce qui s'est passé
to tell what happened

raconter que
to tell that

raconter sa vie
to tell one's life story

raconter sa vie à quelqu'un (informal)
to go on and on, talk excessively

raconter des histoires
to tell tall tales

raconter des salades
to spin yarns

en raconter
to tell tales

entendre raconter (que)
to hear it said (that)

se raconter des histoires
to be kidding / fooling / lying to oneself

C'est du moins ce qu'il raconte.
At least that's what he claims.

Il raconte n'importe quoi
He's babbling, talking nonsense / rubbish

Je (ne) te raconte pas (informal)
You don't want to know, You can't imagine

On raconte que
They/People say, The story goes that

Qu'est-ce que tu racontes (là)?
What on earth are you talking about / saying?

Qu'est-ce que tu racontes ces temps-ci ? (informal)
What's new with you (these days)?

tellable, relatable

un/e raconteur/euse
story teller, narrator

le racontar
gossip, story, lie

Raconter conjugations
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