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French Expressions with Se Mettre

Idiomatic French expressions


The pronominal French verb se mettre has several possible meanings and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to come clean, team up, gather round, and more expressions with se mettre.

Possible meanings of se mettre
  • to become
  • to get (obtain)
  • to go
  • to put on
  • to put onself

Expressions with se mettre

ne pas savoir où se mettre
to not know what to do with oneself

se mettre au français, à la guitare
to start learning French, to play the guitar

se mettre à + infinitive
to start doing something

se mettre à poil (informal)
to strip off, strip down to one's birthday suit

se mettre à quelqu'un
to team up with someone

se mettre au régime
to go on a diet

se mettre à table
to sit down to eat, to come clean

se mettre autour de
to gather round

se mettre au travail
to start working

se mettre au vert
to lie low

se mettre avec
to team up with, side with

se mettre dans une colère noire
to fly into a terrible rage

se mettre dans une situation délicate
to get oneself into an awkward situation

se mettre en colère
to get angry

se mettre sur son trente et un
to get dressed to the nines

se mettre sur un rang
to form a line/queue

se mettre une idée dans la tête
to get an idea into one's head

s'en mettre partout
to get covered in it, to get something all over oneself

s'y mettre
to get down to, to get on with

s'y mettre à + noun
to go on, take up

s'y mettre + infinitive
to start doing

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