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French Expressions with Finir

Idiomatic French expressions


The French verb finir literally means "to finish" or "to complete" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say never-ending, it will end in disaster, finally, and more with this list of expressions with finir.

Possible meanings of finir
  • to finish
  • to complete
  • to conclude
  • to end
  • to die

Expressions with finir

à n'en plus finir
never-ending, endless

en finir avec
to be done with

et pour finir
and finally

finir bien
to have a happy ending

finir dans la misère
to end up in poverty

finir (de faire)
to stop (doing)

finir en
to end in

finir en beauté
to finish brilliantly, end with a flourish

finir en fuseau
to taper

finir en queue de poisson
to come to an abrupt end, to end not with a bang but a whimper

finir mal
to come to a bad end

finir par
to end up, to ___ in the end

ne pas en finir de
to never stop ___ing

pour finir

C'est fini.
It's over.

J'ai fini. (Not Je suis fini.)
I am / have finished.

Il est temps que cela finisse.
It's time to stop this.

On finit par aimer ça.
It's an acquired taste.

qui n'en finit pas
never-ending, endless

Tout cela va mal finir
It will end in disaster

Tout est bien qui finit bien.
All's well that ends well.

Tout finit par des chansons.
Everything ends with a song.

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