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French Expressions with Demander

Idiomatic French expressions


The French verb demander literally means "to ask" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to apologize, ask for mercy, wonder, and more with this list of expressions with demander.

Possible meanings of demander
  • to ask
  • to ask for, request
  • to apply for
  • to require, need
  • to send for

Expressions with demander

demander de l'aide
to ask for help, assistance

demander aide et assistance
to (formally) request aid

demander à parler à quelqu'un
to ask to speak to someone

demander à quelqu'un de + infinitive
to ask someone to do something

demander à voir quelqu'un
to ask to see someone

demander le divorce
to apply for divorce

demander grâce
to ask for mercy

demander l'impossible
to ask for the impossible

demander la lune
to ask for the moon

demander pardon à quelqu'un
to apologize to someone

demander la parole
to ask for permission to speak

demander une permission (military)
to request leave

demander la permission de + infinitive
to ask for permission to + infinitive

"demander une question"

demander un service / une faveur à quelqu'un
to ask a favor of someone

se demander
to wonder, to ask oneself

se demander bien pourquoi...
to not be able to figure out why...

Cela ne se demande pas !
That's a stupid question!

Il est parti sans demander son reste.
He left without a murmur.

Que demande le peuple ?
What more could you ask for?

Je ne demande qu'à vous voir.
All I ask is to see you.

Je ne demande pas mieux que + infinitive
I ask for nothing more than to + infinitive

une demande
request, claim, application

un demandeur
plaintiff, petitioner, caller

demandé (adj)
in demand, sought after

Demander conjugations
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