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French Expressions with Croire

Idiomatic French expressions


The French verb croire literally means "to believe" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say take it from me, it's unbelievable, you don't know how right you are, and more with this list of expressions with croire.

Possible meanings of croire
  • to believe
  • to assume
  • to consider
  • to think

Expressions with croire

croire à
to believe, have faith in

croire en
to believe, have faith in

croire que...
to believe that...

croire que non
to not think so

croire que oui
to think so

croire quelque chose dur comme fer (informal)
to be absolutely convinced of something

À croire que...
You'd think...

à l'en croire
to hear him tell it, if you were to believe him

C'est à croire que...
You'd think...

C'est à n'y pas croire !
It's unbelievable!

Croyez-en mon expérience
Take it from me

Believe me

Believe me

Faut croire que... (informal)
It would seem/appear that...

Faut pas croire ! (informal)
Make no mistake about it!

Il est à croire que... (formal)
It is to be supposed/presumed that...

je l'ai cru sur parole
I took his word for it

Je n'en crois rien
I don't believe a word of it

Je n'en croyais pas mes oreilles/yeux
I couldn't believe my ears/eyes

Je ne suis pas celle que vous croyez !
I'm not that kind of person!

Je n'arrive à croire que...
I just can't believe...

Je te / vous crois ! (informal)
You bet!

Je veux bien le croire
I can well believe it

le croira qui voudra
believe it or not

On croirait...
It looks/sounds/seems like, You'd think it was...

On croit rêver ! (informal)
I can hardly believe it!

On l'a cru mort
He was believed to be dead.

Où vous croyez-vous ?
Where do you think you are?

Si vous m'en croyez
If you want my opinion

Tu crois ?
Think so?

Tu crois pas ? (informal)
Don't think so?

Tu ne crois pas si bien dire !
You don't know how right you are!

Tu ne peux pas croire...
You can't begin to imagine...

Veuillez croire à... (formal)
Yours sincerely (business letter formula)

Vous pouvez m'en croire
Take it from me

se croire
to think/believe oneself (is), to feel as if

Il s'y croit (informal)
He thinks he's really something.

Qu'est-ce qu'il se croit ?
Who does he think he is?

Croire conjugations
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